Commercial kitchens designed to propel businesses and deliver value

Bellee is a ghost kitchen with a twist. We provide individual commercial kitchen space and delivery service for restaurants. Our kitchens and service are designed to provide speed, quality and scale, allowing restaurants to expand their business with low risk.

What is a
ghost kitchen?

A ghost kitchen provides kitchen space for restaurants so that they can focus on delivery and takeaway service rather than dine-in. When customers order your food online, they have the option to get their food delivered or to pick it up themselves. With the delivery option, your restaurant will have access to Bellee drivers in addition to other food delivery companies. If customers choose to pick up the food themselves, they can get their items at a designated pick-up window.

This model allows us to provide restaurants with a low-cost, low-risk opportunity to grow their business and expand their legacy in the food world.

Your own commercial kitchen space
Get access to a fully-equipped commercial kitchen that’s not a shared space. Move freely, cook efficiently and fulfil your orders at a scale that maximises profitability.
Access to more customers
Our ghost kitchens are located in densely populated areas, giving you the chance to reach more customers and get a high volume of orders without the high rent of central locations.
A supportive delivery team
Our team of reliable delivery drivers can fulfil your orders, delivering them correctly and safely, in record times.
Streamlined digital management
We have a technology-first approach that allows your business to benefit from an easier, more streamlined and efficient way of managing your orders.
Maximised profits
With Bellee, your overheads go way down while your profits skyrocket. Maximise your order volume, while minimising your expenses. Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too?
Low risks, high rewards
Expanding a restaurant is usually perceived as risky. With our ghost kitchen, you have all the tools to make it a success. Reaping what you sow never sounded so good.
Bellee vs traditional
How do we stack up? bellee TRADITIONAL RESTAURANT
LOCATION Low-cost, populated area Same area, high-costs & reduced profitability
Staff Small team, fewer expenses Within a larger operation, more front-of-house staff is required, leading to higher expenses
Getting Started Start taking orders and producing food in a matter of weeks Wait months to take your first order
Investment See profits faster with a significantly lower initial investment Increase your risk and take longer to break even with the need for a large upfront investment