Delivering more meals to more customers just became a piece of cake

Using our ghost kitchen and delivery service gives you the opportunity, resources and ability to grow your business, increase your profits and feed more mouths.

From order to delivery
& everthing in between
Who can join Bellee?
  • Restaurant chains
    Popular restaurants that are looking for a way to accommodate new markets, modernise their operations and increase their ROI.
  • Independent restaurants
    Local restaurants in search of a model that allows them to tap into untouched markets and a new way of enjoying food.
  • Entrepreneurs
    Food entrepreneurs just starting out who need a low-risk platform to test their brand and a low-cost space to expand their budding business.
Why should you choose Bellee?
  • Individual commercial kitchens
    Be comfortable, safe and productive in your own kitchen space.
  • Access to more customers
    Benefit from our kitchens’ populous locations which drive your business’ orders.
  • Boost your profits
    Low overheads and expenses combined with high sales produce high profits.
  • Grow your business
    Unlocking your restaurant’s potential is easy with our low-cost, high-reward product and service.
  • Impress your customers
    Our reliable delivery team and world-class commercial kitchens give you the tools to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Manage like a pro
    We know you can cook like a pro, but with our technology, you can now easily manage your orders like the expert you are.
How Bellee
works for you
  • Customers order
    Customers order
  • Your restaurant prepares
    Your restaurant prepares
  • Food gets delivered or picked up
    Food gets delivered or picked up
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